Friday, December 15, 2006

myths and facts about recycled paper

many people like to purport that recycling paper is 1) a waste of time, 2) environmetally damaging or 3) a scam... (i understand that there are arguments regarding the cost-effectiveness of recycling. i'm cool w/that, so let's just let that horse die)

anyhoo, lots o'information out there to the contrary, you apathetic dogs, you... mwaaah! :)...
rutgers university

as my "very good friend" pointed pointed out on his blog, the above information was rather circular. as opposed to his assertions, not everyone who cares about the earth is a lemming or whackadoo. i am totally open to closer examination and research.... as well as debate... even more so without the name-calling. regardless, the facts are out there... i'll just need to spend a few hundred bucks on purchasing more recent whitepapers... in the meantime, here's an interesting article...

tufts university white paper.

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Anonymous said...

so letting the horse die means, let's just give him one more kick in the side just for fun?

and why is this page in french?